Ubuntu Step Two (languages)



Not everyone uses more than one language but for those who do, Ubuntu handles languages like a dream.  Say goodbye to all those Windows problems with languages not being recognised or not installing or just generally not working.  I use Japanese and English language systems and for me everything worked first time. 


Language Support


System > Administration > Language Support


This is an important one if you want to use more than one language in your system.

To add a language to your system click Install/Remove Languages and choose the language you want.  Seriously it IS that easy.  You can choose any Keyboard Input method system but I use ibus.


Keyboard Input Methods


System > Preferences > Keyboard Input Methods


Because I use ibus, my Keyboard Input Methods come up as iBus Preferences by default.

Here you can check how to swap between languages using your keyboard.  For me it is Alt+Shift+L.

I choose to Show icon on system tray as I use it all the time.  If you click on the icon you can turn your languages on and off manually.  As you can see I have mine off by default.


If you click on the Input Method tab you can select the one which works for you.  I use Anthy and it works fine.


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