How to Install Fonts on a Kobo: Step by Step

I recently found out that it is possible to install new fonts on a Kobo Touch.  After reading information on several different sites I finally managed to get this working.  And it was actually really simple to do.  So to save anyone else the hassle, here is a step by step guide.  This is a comprehensive guide so some of the steps may seem obvious.  But I thought I may as well be as detailed as possible seeing as I get really frustrated when people write incomplete guides. 

OK, here we go.


Step One. 

Locate the fonts you want to use.  I find it’s best to stick to .ttf (TrueTypeFont) files.  You can use the fonts which are already installed on your computer or download them from a free font site – here’s a link.


Step Two.

Connect your Kobo to your computer.


Step Three.

Open your Kobo in a window so you can see all the files and folders on it.  If you are on a Mac and you have set all disks to show on Desktop (read this post if you want to enable this setting) you can just open it from there.


Step Four.

In your Kobo, create a “fonts” folder.  This folder must NOT be created inside any other folder such as in the .Kobo folder.  It must be created in the main area where all your eBooks and welcome guides are.  My Kobo files may look a bit different as I use Calibre (click to view my post on Calibre) to organise my eBooks.  It likes to put them in individual Author folders but essentially your Kobo should be fairly similar.


Step Five.

Put the font files you want in your fonts folder along with any other fonts you would like to have.  Bear in mind that not all fonts will be compatible.


Step Six.

Eject your Kobo and wait for it to finish processing.  Then turn it off and back on.  Now you should be able to choose from your selection of new fonts.


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