Taking Screenshots on a Mac

How to take Ordinary Screenshots

There are several options for taking screenshots on a Mac. They save by default to your desktop but you can probably change this if you want.

a.) Full Screen

To just take a screenshot of the whole screen (you can crop it later using GIMP or Photoshop or even Preview) just use:


b.) Selected Area

To take a screenshot of a selected part of the screen use:


After you have pressed these 3 keys you will be able to select the area you want. As soon as you let go it will take the shot so there isn’t much scope for resizing.


How to take DVD Screenshots

Macs won’t always allow you to do this in the way I just mentioned. But you can easily take DVD or film screenshots using VLC Media Player. If you don’t have it you really should! It’s fantastic. Anyway, the default in VLC for taking screenshots is


You can change this combination by starting VLC and going to

VLC > Preferences > Hotkeys

I changed mine to just s which involved swapping the alt/option+cmd+s with Cycle subtitle track which was originally using s as a hotkey.  I had never used that function so it wasn’t an issue for me.

To do this just scroll down to Take video snapshot and click the Change button to enter a new combination. If you decide to do what I did it will warn you that another hotkey is already using s and ask if you are sure.  If you click OK, it simply changes the Cycle subtitle track hotkey to nothing.  Remember to save your changes before closing Preferences.


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