Using Preview as a Handy Image Editor

Personally I never use iPhoto. For me, using iPhoto is like bashing my head repeatedly against a brick wall. Gods forbid that something straightforward like organising my photos into simple user-friendly folders should be anything other than incredibly fantastically complicated!


Having tossed iPhoto back unto the blackest pit from whence it came, for any image editing needs I use Preview instead. Of course for complicated graphics and painting related image editing I use GIMP or MyPaint or similar, but for easy tasks Preview works just fine. Preview is simple, straightforward and user-friendly which is all I ask.



Cropping images using Preview is extremely simple.

1.)  Open the image you want to edit in Preview.

2.)  Select the area of the image you wish to keep. 

3.)  Use cmd+k to crop the image.

4.)  Either right click on the image or use File > Save As to save your new cropped image.



Annotating images or pdfs using Preview is also very simple.  You can easily add shapes, arrows or text notes to an image or pdf by simply:   

1.)  Open the image or pdf in Preview.

2.)  Click the Annotate button to show the Annotate menu at the bottom of the Preview window.

3.)  Add whatever you need to.

4.)  Right click on the image or use File > Save As to save your new annotated image. 

Here’s an example:

NOTE:  You cannot change annotations once they have been saved. 




Editing images using Preview is also really easy.  Obviously Preview is not the program you use when you want a delicate operation but it’s fine for a quick fix.  For example if I want to remove an annoying character from the picture above I can easily cut her out using cmd+x and then copy and paste parts of the bottom left dark corner with the skull and treasure over her using:

copy cmd+c

resize and move to appropriate area using mouse

and paste cmd+p

Then just save your new file.  Here is the finished product, all done in Preview, which took less than 3 minutes. 




Preview can also covert or rather save images as several different file formats.  It can also reduce the quality to change the file size.  None of this waiting for huge image editing programs to open, Preview will do it quickly and easily.  I often use it to downsize my photos which are always huge files because of the quality. 

It is again so simple and straightforward to do this.  Simply:

1.)  Open the image you wish to convert/edit in Preview.

2.)  Right click or use File > Save As.

3.)  From the Format list choose the file type you wish to use.  There are quite a few to choose from including the usual gif, png, tiff, etc and also some unusual ones like Photoshop, icns, and pdf.

4.) If you wish to resize choose jpeg from the list and use the quality bar to alter the size of your image.

5.)  When you are happy with the settings click Save and you’re done. 


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