A Decent Colour Wheel for Adobe Photoshop

Thought I’d post this up quickly as I had to do it for someone recently.

I have been told that Photoshop does actually have a colour wheel somewhere but I couldn’t find it.  In any case, the general online consensus is that it is not worth the time it takes to find it, being completely and utterly deficient on so many levels.  And the fact that there are so many payware programs available which provide a colour wheel suggest that I am not the only one who has tried to remedy this.

So I had a quick surf around and came up with this:

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 22.02.34

It’s called Painter’s Wheel and it is freeware.  You can download it free here.

To install:

1.)  Download the program.

2.)  Make sure Photoshop is not running.

3.)  Unarchive the zip file using whatever you use (I use The Unarchiver).

4.)  Copy the whole unarchived folder into your Photoshop Panels folder.  The location on a Mac is:

Applications > Adobe Photoshop > Plug-Ins > Panels

But you can also just do a system search for your Panels folder regardless of OS.

5.)  Start Photoshop.

6.)  Show the Painter’s Wheel by going to

Window > Extensions

and clicking on Painter’s Wheel.  

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 22.26.38

Oh the joys of freeware.  Enjoy. 

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