34 thoughts on “How to Register and Download your Bamboo Bundled Programs

  1. RandomNPC

    Can you download the software from the cd (that they give you) on multiple computers? Like, I have the software downloaded onto my uncle’s computer then a week later, can I download it onto my desktop?

  2. Hals

    hi there! I haven’t bought the Wacom intuos Comic yet as I have a question. I’m going to buy it in Korea but I live in Russia so in which website should I register and download the softwares then and can I use it in my country after registration? and also does it support Windows 10? I really hope you’ll answer asap. thanks in advance!

    • Hello (^-^)/

      To answer your question honestly – I’m not sure.

      If it was me, I would register the tablet in the country of purchase (so Korea). That way the downloads are definitely the ones you paid for. Also, the packages and tablet models are different in different parts of the world so I’m not sure whether the same software downloads would be available if you registered in Russia. I don’t think you would have any problems using legally bought programs in any other country after that. However, it’s possible you may then have language limitations. Most software is multilingual these days so I assume as long as you can get through the program set up you can tweak the language settings.
      I would double check about the supported operating systems. If possible check the actual box (as you are buying a Korean product I’m assuming you can read Korean… I definitely can’t (-_-;;)
      You could always check the website of the company that actually makes the software you are interested in – it should have a list of exactly which operating systems are supported. I would imagine that is the second best option.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help. Hope it goes well regardless (^-^)b

  3. Hi! I’m not sure if you’re still checking these comments but I can’t find an anwser anywhere else, maybe you can help me TvT Okay, so I have a Bamboo Fun & Touch that came with some programs, I did all the steps you mentioned (registered, etc) but that was last year, when I bought it. Last May my Macbook said goodbye and I bought another computer, a PC this time (with windows 8, now 10) I want to download these programs again but when I click “download again” they give me a .dmg, and I can’t find anywhere how to change that so it gives me a .exe (since I don’t have a Mac anymore) Any idea how to do that? ;u;

    • Hi there!
      Sorry about the delay. I’m afraid you can’t change the type of download you chose when you registered. I started writing a reply but it got too long so I have written a post with some alternative solutions instead. You can read it HERE.
      If there is anything you want to ask me about the post just leave me another comment here. But I think it probably depends how much you want to use the programs…
      Hope this helps you. Good luck! (^-^)b

  4. Kai

    The English US registration page isn’t working… I already downloaded my software bundle, but I completely reset my computer and need to access the programs again… any idea how?

    • If you have already registered and downloaded your programs once, there is no need to register again.
      In fact, that may be why your registration is failing (I have a feeling you aren’t allowed to register the same serial number/email address more than once).
      Simply put in your previous login details (you should have received an email from Wacom when you registered) and you should be able to redownload your programs. I’m sure you know where but here is a direct link.
      If you can’t remember exactly which email you registered with or your password, it may be a bit time consuming but enter all your email addresses into the “Forgot Password” page and hopefully one will succeed.
      Good Luck! (^-^)b

  5. Anonymous

    I have been trying for hours to get my software bundle (I’ve got Intuos Manga, CTH- 480), but it keeps saying that the software download key is invalid! What should I do before I panic completely… (literally, I’m too emotional)

    • Anonymous

      I just found what I did wrong, thank you for this guide (I was so blind XD)

      • No problem! I’m so glad that you managed to solve your download issue.
        Enjoy your new programs (^-^)/

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    Hi there, I just registered my bamboo fun(pen&touch), and it shows none of the downloads? It only shows;
    Bamboo Explore 1.2
    Bamboo Scribe 3.2
    Wacom sign pro PDF Windows 7 Trial
    Wacom sign pro PDF Windows 8 Trial

    • Hey (^_^)/
      I can’t be sure but it sounds like you might have mistakenly registered your product as an ordinary “pen and touch”. The ordinary “pen and touch” would probably show the downloads you are seeing (as far as I’m aware it doesn’t include extra bundled programs). I think only the “fun pen and touch” includes all the extra programs.
      Perhaps try re-registering the tablet and see if anything changes?
      Hope this helps.

    • Anonymous

      This same thing is happening to me and I cannot figure it out, please help!

      • Have you tried re-registering? If you already have tried, and you want me to look into it please leave a comment with your tablet name and model number (e.g. CTH-480) and the country in which you purchased it.

  8. Kidanyan

    Hello~ mine doesnt seem to work and idk why. I registered at https://register.wacom.asia/user since I purchased mine in Asia and I live in Asia. So after I registered, I tried here: https://apregister.wacom.com/en-au/#/registration where I can enter my SBD and S/N, but they dont seem to notice my email add. =( HELP!

    • You must register your tablet to the specific country where you bought it, not the continent. For example, if you buy a tablet in Japan, regardless of the fact that it is in Asia, you have to register it at the registration page for Japan (see the link below).
      There is an official message saying that your product can only be registered in the country where you bought it.
      If your country does not have an official support page I’m afraid you will have to wait for Wacom to get back to you. Bear in mind that they probably get thousands of emails per day so it may take a while.
      Good Luck!

  9. Realz

    I have a problem. I got Intuos Manga (CTH-480M-N), i used my software code and i still dont recived my manga bundle. I don’t know what 2 do ;/

    • Do you mean you successfully registered your product but can’t download it?
      Or do you mean you have successfully registered AND successfully downloaded the software but you can’t register it?
      Please let me know in more detail what exactly you are having trouble with and I will certainly help you if I can. (0_0)?

  10. kelly

    This was really helpful ~ thanks
    But i cant find the software download key.
    Where can you find it ?

    • Hi there 🙂 All software download keys should be on your dashboard page in the “Available Software Downloads” list (see the screenshot for step 6). All the software available for the product you have registered (and the corresponding serial number) will be listed here. If nothing is listed you may not have any bundled programs with your device. It might be worth double checking exactly what your tablet bundle should be and get in touch with Wacom.
      Good luck!

  11. Reina, you may be happy to know that your very helpful post enabled me to locate the very elusive registration and software download page on the Wacom site. I just purchased a legacy Bamboo Capture tablet from Amazon and the enclose software download code is still good. If you can find the page. Your links are what did it! Thank you. PS It is December 2014.

  12. Josh

    Thank you for the guide. I have a question. I bought the intuos manga and on my first visit, i was able to download 4 software. I downloaded one of them as i see no need for the others. Right now I am interested in looking at the rest but I can’t seem to find them anymore. Does it mean that it has expired?

    • I’m not sure but I think all the programs that are available to you should show up in your Wacom account download tab automatically as they are directly linked to the specific tablet you register with. At least, they were all there in my case. If you think you are entitled to more software and can’t access it perhaps double check on the Wacom website and then contact them directly?

      Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck!

  13. did this needs the key? sorry, i don’t understand a lot of english.
    i have the CD but i lost the Key…

    • None of the bundled programs (that I know of) are included on the CD. You download all of them from the Wacom website.

      When you click to start the download you are automatically given a software key for the program you are downloading. The key is also sent to your email address.

      Does that help? (0-0;)?

  14. Thank you so much! I have had a crappy, err, not so legal Paint Tool Sai and still knowing I had Photoshop in my bundle, but my father had lost the disc 😛 So, after 1 year of frustrating evenings with Sai, I had enough and decided to google how to get it online and your page came up.

    Thank you. You don’t know how good I feel now 🙂 You even updated the new website version, without it I would be “cutting” (jk) myself… So thank you again, now I may finally start to move digital art 🙂 You miss/sir are an amazing person, hopefully you read this comment 🙂


    • Hey there!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s really nice to feel appreciated.
      I’m glad I could help you. Enjoy digital art-ing (^-^)

  15. Rose

    I’m trying to buy a cheap tablet off of Best Buy (they’re having a sale right now). I think I’m going to get the Wacom Intuos Pro (or Intuos 5, the newest one). It says that it only comes with an installation CD and says nothing about the software programs that are supposed to come with it. I’m pretty sure the tablet is new. Would I be able to follow the above instructions and get Photoshop Elements 11, etc? Do the art software programs like Photoshop come as CDs?

    • Hi!
      The “installation CD” only contains drivers and user manuals and things.
      Wacom tablets do not come with any programs unless they are specifically mentioned. There are no software CDs included in the box anyway. All the software is downloaded using codes which are attached to your tablet’s serial number.
      However, it is always best to check on the Wacom website – if your tablet is meant to include software it will certainly be listed there.

  16. Shannon

    Where do you make a Wacom account? I can’t seem to find where.
    I have a Bamboo Manga that I recently bought, and I can’t download the software that the tablet brings.

    • Hey! I had a look at the website and it has definitely changed for the worse. It is so much more fiddly to download your software. But never fear! I have added the extra steps so hopefully you can get your software now.
      Hope this helps (^-^)

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