Airport Issues Part 2: Self Assigned IP Address

Recently I had problems with my Airport assigning itself a “self-assigned IP address”.

self assigned IP

I tried various suggested methods for fixing this and none of them worked. However I managed to fix it in the end without any online help, just some common sense and various stages of trial and error. So in case it helps anyone else, this is what worked for me. 

What you will need:

  • an Ethernet (network) cable (and an Ethernet port on your Mac)
  • access to your network both Wired and Wireless (WiFi)**

**I am working on the assumption that your Wireless and Wired network are the same (both from the same router) 

Step 1.

Connect to your network using the Ethernet (network) cable so you have a working WIRED (ETHERNET) connection to the same router as your WIRELESS comes from.  (If you aren’t sure just use your ethernet cable to connect your Mac straight to your router – this won’t take long.)

Step 2.

Open your Network Settings

Apple Mark > System Preferences > Network

Step 3.

Click the Lock to allow changes.  Enter your Admin details if asked. 

Make sure you are accessing your AIRPORT settings (not Ethernet or Firewire).  Then click Advanced.

advanced network settings

Step 4.

On the Airport tab use the – sign to delete the network if you have added it previously.  Then click the + sign to add a new network.

add network

Step 5.

There are two ways to add a network (as you probably know).  I always go for the Show Networks option as it is easier for me.  If you know all your details though, it may be faster to just type them in yourself.  Make sure your get the security right.  If it is a private home network the chances are it will be WPA2 or WEP.


When you’ve finished adding your network go back to the main Network Settings window. 

Step 6.

In the main Network Settings window, click on your ETHERNET connection then write down the IP address.  If you are on a private home network your IP should start, or in some cases 172.xx.x.x.


Step 7.

When you have your working IP Address, go back to Airport Advanced Settings and click on the TCP/IP tab

From the Configure IPv4 drop down menu, choose Using DHCP with manual address.


Step 8.

In the IPv4 Address box, type the IP Address you wrote down from your working ETHERNET connection.  You don’t have to change anything else.

When you have finished, click OK.

manual dhcp

Step 9.

Your Airport should be working now! 

But wait, you aren’t finished! 

This is the most important


Click Apply in the bottom right hand corner.  If you don’t do this, all the changes you made will be lost.

airport connected

Step 10. 

OK, NOW you are finished. 

Hope this works for you.

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3 thoughts on “Airport Issues Part 2: Self Assigned IP Address

  1. Anonymous

    This really worked for me!!! thanks

    • Mina Vacant

      Sadly, my Ethernet also says ‘self-assigned IP’. Any ideas?

      • Are you directly connected to your router via the Ethernet cable? If not I would try that first and see if you get an IP address. If you already are, then try logging in to your router. You can do this by typing your router’s IP address into your browser address bar, then typing the name and password of the router (if you don’t know these and haven’t changed them you can just google the default for your router model). This is a list of generic router IPs:
        If you can log in to your router you will find all the information you need. If not there are a few other things you can try.
        Let me know how it goes (^-^)b

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