Kobo Touch Crash Fix

I am not having a good week with technology – my Mac HD failed (again) and my Kobo just crashed. My Mac I got fixed using AppleCare, which I found out expires tomorrow!! Yes, I’m living on the edge, cutting it pretty fine!!! (x_x;)

But my Kobo was another story.  It has never crashed before and I felt a bit at a loss.  But then practical thinking kicked in and I actually managed to fix it in less than 10 minutes.  My solution is at the bottom of the page, but one of these other less violent methods may work for you.


So the symptoms were as follows:

  • Kobo Touch stuck on one page
  • No response from touching the screen
  • No response from pressing the Home button
  • No response from sliding the Power button for 5, 10 or 30 seconds
  • No response from connecting to power supply (just green charging light)

Methods to Try

I tried these things first, as recommended by many users.

1. A Basic or Standard Reset

This will just reboot the device. 

(You are meant to turn your device off before doing this but generally the reason you are doing a reset is because the device won’t respond.  The people who write these instructions probably didn’t think that far.  Anyway.)

To do this:

1.) Turn off (if you can).

2.) Locate the tiny reset button which is either at the top near the power button or on the bottom of your Kobo.

3.) Use a piece of wire or a paperclip or a mechanical pencil and press the button down until you feel it click.

4.) Your Kobo should restart.

(This didn’t work for me.  My Kobo power light just flashed blue twice and then the light went dark again.  The screen was still stuck on the same page.)


2. A Factory Reset

This wipes your device and restores it to the Factory settings.

To do this:

1.) Turn off (if you can).

2.) Slide the Power button and press the Home button at the same time. The Power light should start flashing blue.

3.) Keep holding both buttons until you see your device screen restarting itself.

(As above, this didn’t work for me. My Kobo power light just flashed blue a few more times and then the light went dark again.  The screen was still stuck on the same page.)


3. Connecting to a Computer

Sometimes this can jump start the device, shocking it into responding.  Just connect using your cable and see if anything changes.

(As before, this didn’t work for me. My Kobo didn’t even acknowledge the connection and neither did my Mac.)


4. My Solution

Sometimes all your device needs is a good kick up the backside. 

At this point I got a bit annoyed and disconnected my Kobo from my Mac. And then proceeded as follows:

1.) Connect your Kobo cable to your laptop (PC, Mac, whatever computer you have available) but not to your device.

2.) Get a good grip on your device and push the cable connector into the Kobo with a certain amount of force (but obviously not so much it damages the device).

3.) Hold the cable connector and continue to apply pressure (but again not so much it damages the device).

My device responded after about 10 seconds and went to the usual “do you wish to connect to this computer” screen.

After I ejected my Kobo and disconnected from my Mac, the screen locked for a few minutes and went completely blank.  However, I slid the power button to turn it off and then turned it back on again and it was fine.

It seems OK now. Turns on and off, sleeps, all my books are still there and responding, my home button works…  A very strange glich. 

However all’s well that ends well (^-^)b
Recently I was actually given a Kobo Touch to fix that failed with all of the above. However I managed to jump start it by using my solution above but connected to a mains socket rather than a computer. 

I would only recommend this method if all other options have failed as it could potentially kill your device completely. 

I used the usb plug adapter that came with my iPhone and a surge protected plugboard.  The device took much longer to respond (maybe up to 40 seconds of pressure) and a few attempts (although this may just be that I did not try for long enough at first). But yes, if you are willing to take the chance give it a whirl.  The owner said all her books were still there and it has been working fine ever since, so could be worth it.

P.S. If you have gone through this and managed to recover your ebooks, I recommend you back up your books using Calibre.  You can use Calibre to make a library of the ebooks on your Kobo and store them on your computer.  Plus you can then back up the whole library to an external drive so you have them saved if your HD fails.  If you are interested have a look at my post (btw Calibre is freeware):



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20 thoughts on “Kobo Touch Crash Fix

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you!! Mine needed the full 40 seconds of pressure after attempting all the other fixes.

  2. Hello, I bought a Kobo last year and I’ve been using it quite well, but I noticed that if I let the battery drain to the point of shutdown, the device usually reacted by crashing.
    Today it happened yet once more, only this time the device got stuck on the “Please re-charge E-reader” screen, and though when connected to my laptop the LED indicated that power was flowing, it was frozen on that re-charge screen and I couldn’t get it to work.
    I came to this post trying to find a solution. I tried all of the reboot methods described, but none worked. Nonetheless, it gave some ideas and I kept trying variations until I finally found one that worked! So, I thank you for this post and here I share my new-found solution:
    NOTE: I don’t know my Kobo’s model. The reset hole is at the back, and not next to the MicroSD slot.

    1 – Connect to computer: the LED light will oscillate in regular periods of about five seconds between green and blue light.
    2 – Press Home button: the LED will flash a bleeping red light.
    3 – Push a metal needle through the reset hole and press the inner button til it clicks. The red bleep will continue. Let it repeat three times.
    4 – Let go of the reset button, but not the home button. Immediately after a red bleep will continue flash through the LED, press the reset button again and let it repeat the bleep three times.
    5 – Repeat this procedure without letting go of the home button, until the device re-initializes itself (manual reset: you will lose all the books in the device… but you had lost them anyway!)

    hope it helps some other lost soul.
    greetings from Buenos Aires!

    • anubis

      hi Juan, I just did what you said and it works super ok, after a year without using it because everyone tell me that was complete it broken, thanks a lot !!!!chao from Cuba

  3. Ashley Anne MacGregor

    You’re my saviour! Just received the Kobo Touch from my grandmother (she couldn’t get it to work in all the years she had it), and for the life of me, I couldn’t get it off the frozen charging screen. Tried your solution (applying pressure), and it worked instantly like a charm! Thank you SO much!

  4. Theresa Cromhout

    Hi Reina,

    From a sunny South Africa – I think my Kobo is toast it has a white screen with vertical black line. Nothing worked for me, I think my screen may have physical damage

    • Yes, it sounds like physical damage rather than a software glitch like the ones mentioned above. As I mentioned in in a previous reply, if your Kobo is less than a year old it will still be under warranty and you can send it back to them (as long as you have some evidence of this).
      Sorry I can’t help you further. Good luck! (^-^)b

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot! I was charging it and it just stopped working. U really made my day with this post…

  6. wendy

    Thank you!!!!!!!!, holding the power button and home key worked for me! Fingers crossed it works, this is the second one that crashes on me, the company sent me this refurbished one to replace, you rock!

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you so much. Your solution worked for me and I’m pretty low tech. Cheers!

  8. Antiphobic

    Your solution actually worked for me! THANKS!

  9. Anonymous

    thank you, you beautiful being!

  10. Anonymous

    “Sometimes all your device needs is a good kick up the backside.” …
    That’s really one of the best remedies to get the kobo started again. I’ve needed this help several times and it worked out perfectly.

    Thanks a lot, Peter

    • Thank you for letting me know this worked for you. Positive comments are always greatly appreciated!!

      Glad I could help (^-^)

  11. Natalia

    And if none of the above works?
    My kobo (when plugged in) is flashing green and blue.
    When unplugged nothing or flashing green and blue.
    The screen won’t change from the “sleeping”screen.
    No reaction to hard reset, factory reset etc.

    • I’m afraid I don’t know as I haven’t been in this particular situation, and, as I say, I was able to solve my issue using the method above. If your Kobo is less than a year old it will still be under warranty. You can contact the company directly and see if they will replace it. I bought my sister a Kobo which failed, but because it was within a month of purchase I took it back to WHSmith’s and they sent her a new one.
      Hope this helps.

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