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After I gave up on Windows, but was still far too poor to own a Mac, I spent a long time using Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the easy version of Linux which is user friendly and can be used by anyone.

I think that Linux is a really good OS. You can control everything and it is really easy to install programs. Plus, everything is opensource so you don’t have to pay for any of the programs.

Also, if you have any problems you can almost always find help online. Although sometimes they are written by very Linux-savvy people and therefore a bit difficult to understand. So I thought I would post up a few tips and solutions I picked up while using Ubuntu.



Using Ubuntu Step 0. About Starting to use Ubuntu and Linux

Using Ubuntu Step 1. General Overview and Appearances

Using Ubuntu Step 2. Languages

Using Ubuntu Step 3. Internet

Using Ubuntu Step 4. Plugins Codecs and All That Jazz Part One

Using Ubuntu Step 5. Plugins Codecs and All That Jazz Part Two

Using Ubuntu Step 6. General Software

Using Ubuntu Extra. Resetting your Administrator Password

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